Drum Machine 2012

This is Drum Machine, playing and performing throughout 2012 at a variety of clubs and at some of the UK’s top festivals, including; Solfest, Beat Herder and Bestival.

Edited by Ade at DM Central, all the Solfest and Bestival footage was shot by Doug Lyon to help the band record their rising imminent global precussion based coup and get festie bookings for next year.


Director’s Commentary (Joining The Dots)

Produced in April 2012 by Doug Lyon (Lyon-He-Art) for a Practice Based Dissertation on the Digital Media Arts MA at The University of Brighton. This critical commentary was submitted for the academic rationale instead of part three which had become too eclectic and complex to submit formally as part of the academic main submission.

Here this critical commentary is uploaded to accompany parts 1-3 for those interested in the rationale and thinking behind the Fear and Love project.

DRUM MACHINE rock the I Love Bestival sign 2012

“If you thought that the Bestival BLOCO Carnival Parade on Saturday at 5pm was going to be all sequins and smiles, think again. There’s a menacing presence in the midst, plotting to bring out your wild side…

From their own site, http://www.drummachine.org.uk

“Drum Machine are a 20 strong bateria who eat Samba drummers for breakfast and then take their instruments to bash out dub-step, drum and bass and techno beats. Dressed head to toe in black, there won’t be a feather in sight. You’ll hear them coming… be afraid…” (BESTIBLOG.NET)

…and then wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care (Doug Lyon)

Enquiries. For more information or to book Drum Machine for a performance and / or workshop, e mail… info@drummachine.org.uk


A hand held shaky punk rock mini doc whilst on tour with Drum Machine featuring my beautiful, clever and talented daught.


Drum Machine: New Years Eve 2012

The last thirty minutes of 2011, The Trades Club, Hedben Bridge, and the mighty Drum Machine see in 2012 in thunderous stylee.

A Dragonlionheart psychedelic industrial video by Doug Lyon remembers this legendary night as part of The Mental Elf Colllective’s Guardian Award winning NY event.

The Guardian regarded this night as worthy of being in the top three best things to do nationally on New Year’s Eve.

It’s a bateria but no trace of samba… Post Samba maybe, in an industrial techno stylee? Drum Machine have started their own genre, and to have this early gig recorded for posterity here can only serve as a benchmark to look back on when this still fledgling band go massive. 2012 watch this space!

It would be an understatement to warn that this contains flashing imagery, So if flashing imagery might be a problem for you, probably best not to watch it.